The PTO adapter will increase the length of the PTO by approximately 4.5″.

Horsepower Rating

Maximum implement HP rating: 120 HP

Adapter Material

4140 HT, Tensile strength 116 ksi, Yield strength 85 ksi

Spline Shear Strength

6 Spline -ASABE A500 type 1, Tensile Strength: 116 KSI

Spline Bearing Strength

6 Spline -ASABE A500 type 1, 75 KSI min.Yield, Bearing Strength: 4,187 ft-lb Torque

Black Coating


Salt Bath Nitriding

SBN/QPQSM (salt bath nitriding), or Quench-Polish-Quench,  is particularly important to oil field equipment and other manufacturers whose parts are subject to high levels of wear, friction, or erosion. The outer layer of a steel part treated with the SBN/QPQSM process is significantly harder than its core, and thus provides excellent wear protection. SBN/QPQSM is an effective and environmentally acceptable alternative to chrome and can be processed in a fraction of the time (days instead of weeks).

PTO Implements

               The PTO Connect comes in the standard 1 3/8” 6 splines (540 RPM) to fit most implements and tractors. The adapter contains two connectors, one connector for the tractor and another for the implement. The system prevents the need to twist the PTO shaft to lineup the splines when attaching the PTO implements. This task is accomplished by removing the horizontal splines from the coupler and the output shaft and placing them on the face of the adapters. The splines on the tractor adapter are on a separate plate that is able to rotate in the left or right direction to lineup with the splines on the implement adapter.

pto implements specification

To connect the adapters, all the operator needs to do is slide the tractor and implement connectors together then rotate the inner plate in the left or right direction to line-up with the splines on the implement adapter. Our customers choose this system based on its capability to save operators time while switching between implements, increasing productivity, and reduce back injuries.